Mother of 2, step mom to 5, with 5 grands, Allison founded the studio in 2005 and really only cares about hanging out with your kids and making them laugh.  

“I want for you to have art on your walls, art that happens to be your family.

Images that make your heart skip a beat every time you pass them in your home. I want you to have photographs of your family that, when it’s been a particularly tough day, remind you of why you decided to do this whole messy thing called, “Family” in the first place.

Images that go beyond just a record of the people in your life, images that capture the essence of your unique family; their personalities, the connection between them and the love that binds you all together.”

Allison Tyler Jones
Allison Tyler Jones Photography


Stacey, mother of 4 and grandma to one, joined the ATJ Team full-time as a Photographer in 2018 with 15 years of experience photographing portraits and weddings. Stacey is also the resident Photoshop Wizard who makes everyone look 10 years younger and thinner. Her happy personality is beloved by all who know her.

“I love the artistry involved in both  photographing our clients AND retouching the images afterward, but if I had to choose one, I think it would be interacting with our ATJ Families during a photo session. It’s so fun to watch how family members interact and see all the personalities at play.”

ATJ Photo


Kaitlyn joined the ATJ Team in 2021 as our Client Love Specialist. Kaitlyn’s young, creative brain and organization skills keep our team running. She has become our candy wall specialist and keeps the jars full of the goods!

“I love connecting with the kids and hearing what they are into. They are cute and spunky and keep things fun around the studio!”

Professional Photography


Ivan, father of 7, grandpa to 5, and husband to ATJ, is our beloved OCD Production Manager. He handles the process of making sure that your artwork, albums and cards are printed and framed to perfection. He’s the nicest guy we know with an endless repertoire of Dad Jokes.

“I especially enjoy watching families come back every year and seeing how their children have grown up. I love that our job is actually ‘freezing time’ for these families.”